Outdoor IoT parking detection sensor network

Addressing the problem of detecting and finding free spaces in cities is a recurring theme that has been addressed several times in the past. However, none of the solutions proposed so far have achieved an optimal solution for this problem yet. Flash Park provides a system for monitoring on-street parking spaces in real-time using IoT devices that run autonomously using solar panels and include 5G connectivity featuring detection of unauthorized parking.

Outdoor IoT parking detection sensor

Our Technology

Eco-Friendly Sensor Network

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

The benefits of our solution go beyond reducing time spent finding parking by 90%, each vehicle reduces an average of 0.125 tons of CO 2.

Autonomous Solution

Autonomous Solution

Our API uses an automatic parking detection sensor network that works without user interaction, of reduced size, resistant to adverse atmospheric conditions and acts of vandalism.

IoT Device

5G IoT Device

Our sensors are designed to use 5G Narrowband IoT technology as a standard to broadcast real-time data to track the status of monitored parking spots.


Parking Made Easy


Real-time Data Real-time Data

Our infrastructure monitors on-street available parking spaces in real-time.

Enhanced with AI Enhanced with AI

Our API uses machine learning algorithms to predict the actual physical parking space available.

Our Partners

Bringing Easy-Parking Anywhere

Our Team

The Founders

Doctor Llogari Casas

Dr. Llogari Casas

Doctor Llogari Casas holds a Ph.D. in Augmented Reality and has previously received prestigious grants and worked at top class R&D labs like Disney.

Gerardo Lorenzo

Gerardo Lorenzo

Gerardo Lorenzo holds a MSc. in Telecommunications and has extensive experience in the research and development field.

Javier García

Javier García

A Technical architect with a Master's degree in product design and more than 5 years of experience in the research and development field.

Jaume S. Muñoz

Jaume S. Muñoz

Product Manager with a strong background in agile methodologies, problem-solving, and data analysis. Experience leading development teams and launching successful products in different industries.


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